Richmond Practice - +richmond practice patient feedback report 2016

+richmond practice patient feedback report 2016

Here at +richmond practice, we strive to make clinical excellence available hassle free. To find outhow true we are to our promise, we decided to gather patient feedback. We asked our patients to rateus over each stage of their visit, from appointment booking, to waiting times, receiving results andmore. The gathering of feedback was conducted over a period of nearly eight months. The views ofour Groupon customers were also taken into consideration.


This feedback report was conducted by us, the +richmond practice team, over the months ofJanuary to August 2016. Patients were provided feedback submission forms to share their views ofour services, ranking each experience from excellent to very poor. Patients were also able to providea quality ranking of overall service from 1-10, with 10 being excellent; as well as their thoughts as towhat we did well and what we could improve on. The feedback forms were collated and the resultshave been presented in the evaluation attached. Waiting time for doctors can be seen as the mainconcern for the practice and is still an area for action.


  • The overall response of our patients is that we are doing an excellent job. Over 85% ofpatients rated us either excellent or good for appointment arranging and for the informationgiven by staff and doctors, as well as for the treatment, care and after care they received. Wescored 94% excellent/very good for our overall service. The lowest score received inexcellency was 80% for doctor waiting times.

  • This result suggests that 20% of patients were not happy with the time they had to wait to beseen by the doctor. More positive comments acknowledge care received e.g.:

"You did everything well. Dr Renz put me at my ease with his quiet professionalism"

“Dr Frontino was superb - my first pregnancy scan. She was calm, reassuring and professional. I would like her to conduct all my scans during the pregnancy"

“Overall very happy with the service. I felt very comfortable in Dr. Schramm's hands. She hasa very calming attitude and cares a lot about her patients. I would come back if I wouldn't move to Germany. Thank you again!”

"Dr Radloff has to be one of the best, if not the best GP I've ever had. Her attention to detail, her calm approach and her willingness to listen make her an absolutely perfect physician toturn to when I'm concerned about any aspect of my health."

  • The overall response of what the practice did well in shows that the doctors’ attention todetail, level of professionalism, understanding and caring nature are a real stand out to ourpatients. We were also acknowledged for the friendliness of our support staff, and flexibility inscheduling same day appointments. In order to better ourselves, developments in how wemanage our waiting area need to be enforced. This will involve informing patients of adelayed clinic as soon as they arrive, and better managing the doctor’s appointment times inthese instances.

Groupon, WhatClinic and Google Review feedback fits very well alongside our own:

‘Groupon’ – 85% of customer would recommend the +richmond practice to a friend

“Dr Schramm had great bedside manner. She was so informative, sweet and caring. Definitely thekind of doctor you want providing care through your pregnancy. The office was clean and stafffriendly.”

‘WhatClinic’ – 91% patient satisfaction

"I was seen by Dr Renz regarding my thyroid problem. Blood tests were done and the results wereready the same day. The results were explained to me so that as non medical person canunderstand.

I would definitely recommend the practice.

“The staff are professional, knowledgeable and I did not have to wait. The registration was online andthe test results were emailed to me so that I can refer to them when needed or accessed where ever Iam. I had a follow up call which was very useful knowing that somebody I can go back to should I need."

‘Google Reviews’ - Awarded a 4.7 out of 5 for service

“I received a great customer service (110%) at Richmond Practice - . The staff is very professional,works in efficient and well organised manner. The staff is helpful and caring. I was seen by DrSchramm and enjoyed my visit, she is very friendly and very professional.”

This report has been completed as part of the requirements set by the Care Quality Commission.

Report by Daniella Ratnarajah
11 November 2016


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