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Private Baby Scans
Untitled Document Do you need a private baby scan urgently or do you just want reassurance about your developing baby? At Beth's Doctors in London, we offer a caring and comprehensive private pregnancy and baby scan service for low-risk pregnancies. A private baby scan provides the ultimate bonding experience; you and your partner get to see your baby and we assess it's wellbeing at the same time. Our team of experienced consultant obstetricians (inc. a fetal maternal specialist) offer pregnancy care in a comfortable and conveniently located London private baby scan clinic. This private baby scan service is available to all low-risk pregnancies to 37 weeks gestation. Whether you are receiving your care in the NHS or privately, there is no need for a referral. Call us today for a same-day private baby scan appointment, including evening and Saturday appointments

Types of private baby scans provided (H2)

-early scan (6-11 wks)               
dating scan(10-14 wks)
nuchal scan (11-14 wks)      
-harmony test scan
gender scan (16 wks)
anomaly scan (18-23 wks) - no second opinios available
-positioning scan (37 wks) -
show the position of the baby before delivery
-reassurance scan (throughout)           
-3D/4D scan (28 -32 wks) - Keep-sake 3D picture or video clip
Resons for having a private baby scan (H3)
-bleeding during pregnancy    
-ectopic pregnancy
-Down’s syndrome risk  
-breach baby
What can you expect from a private baby scan

During a private baby scan at Beth's Doctors in London, we provide a family-friendly service in a comfortable environment with nearby parking. A drink or snack is available for expectant mothers on request, and you are seen without delay. We also have a pregnancy library and the father, family or a friend
is welcome during your appointment. You will be required to complete a pregnancy care registration, please bring with you to the appointment your pregnancy notes for our doctor to complete and to aid the assessment. At the end of your ultrasound scan, we offer a picture frame with your baby scan, or the picture can be saved on a USB stick. A pregnancy scan is priced separately (scans from £120) from a consultation, and you may be asked to sign a consent form for an anomaly scan or a Down’s syndrome check.



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