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Birth plan

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What is a birth plan and what should I include?

A birth plan reminds you to think about how you would like things to happen during your labour and after your baby’s birth. It is a good communication tool between you and the doctors who will ensure they follow your preferences as closely as possible. However, their first consideration must be your own and your baby’s situation at the time.

You don’t have to create a birth plan but in doing so it will give you the chance to ask questions and find out more about labour and the birth of your baby. It also gives your doctor the chance to get to know you better and understand your feelings and priorities.

Before you write your birth plan you may wish to discuss aspects of your care during labour with your birth partner and doctor. Remember that you can change your mind at any time. Your birth plan is personal to you but be prepared that you may have to deviate from it if medical problems arise with you or your baby.

Example birth plan:
  • Name of birthing partner
  • Pain relief preference for labour: water, entonox, pethidine, or epidural analgesia
  • Positions for delivery: left side, kneeling, upright, water birth
  • Fetal heart monitoring: intermittent, continuous, or according to the situation
  • Episiotomy
  • Delivery of placenta: syntocinon/syntometrin or physiological management
  • Cutting of the cord: done by birth partner or midwife
  • Vitamin K: intra-muscular injection or orally

At Elsbeth's Doctors we can help you with all aspects of your maternity care, the doctor will help you and your partner develop a birth plan which will be safe and supportive of your needs.



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