Richmond Practice - Books to prepare for giving birth

Books to prepare for giving birth

The following books about child birth are available for review at Elsbeth's Doctors from our waiting area. Most of the books can also be ordered online from

Aleksandrowicz, B. (2008). Quick and easy massage. London. Duncan Baird Publishers.
ISBN 978-1-84483-580-5

Atkins, L. and Guderian, J. (2005). Blooming birth. London. Collins
ISBN 0-00-775956-8

Balaskas, J. (2004). The water birth book. London. Dorking Kindersley
ISBN 0-00-774839-6
Motha, G. (2005). Gentle birth method. London. Harper Thorsons
ISBN 0-00-774670-9

The list of books is for review and is meant as a resource data-base for information. We cannot take responsibility for the views expressed or advice given.