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health checks for adults
Regular health checks can prevent a concern from becoming an issue, and gives you reassurance and peace of mind. A private essential or comprehensive health check at +richmond practice in London provides an in-depth medical check of your health through a full physical examination, a range of tests and a doctor’s consultation. These health screens are essential for cancer and chronic disease prevention, and are performed by our male and female GPs who are available for follow-up consultations to discuss results and concerns. They also give you a personalised health screen report, including suggestions on your general wellbeing. To schedule an evening or Saturday appointment for a health screen book online or call today.

essential health check

  • 40 minutes consultation with a GP
  • full physical examination
  • personal report and health action plan

Tests for chronic disease prevention

(i.e. Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart Disease etc)
Blood pressure and pulse measurement, Body Mass Index calculation, heart disease risk score, kidney function test, diabetes blood test and cholesterol profile blood test

Tests for cancer prevention
Full blood count and iron levels, liver function test, urine test and stool occult blood test


comprehensive health check

 In addition to the essential health check the following are included:

  • 60 minutes consultation with a GP
  • additional blood tests: thyroid function, vitamin D, pre-diabetes screening blood test (HbA1c), ferritin (iron level)
  • lung function test
  • electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • hearing and vision test


comprehensive health check plus

In addition to the comprehensive health check this includes a stress (treadmill) ECG.


Other additional tests such as cervical smear test,  a mammogram (women over 40) or a PSA (prostate cancer screening for men over 50) can be added where clinically appropriate at additional cost.


Health checks, Richmond, London, Surrey


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