Richmond Practice - Essential postnatal package

Essential postnatal package
Regrettably, this service is currently not available

The essential postnatal package starts when you are 36 weeks pregnant and provides care for you and your baby until four weeks after your baby’s birth.
We also provide advice and support over the telephone during office hours.

Care provided by our in-house Midwife:

Antenatal appointment/ Home visit
36 wks pregnant
Discuss what your needs are; discuss postnatal care, expectations and breastfeeding
Home visits
7 visits up to 4 wks after birth
Postnatal care for you and your baby; visits taking place over 4 weeks after birth
Telephone advice
Up to 4 wks after birth
Telephone advice and support

Cost: £950
Private Pregnancy care, Richmond, London, Surrey


Guaranteed 10 min response
(in business hours)

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