Richmond Practice - GP consultant talks at Elsbeth's Doctors

GP consultant talks at Elsbeth's Doctors

An approach to cognitive symptoms in 1° care
By Dr Jeremy Isaacs, consultant neurologist

An update on bowel cancer screening
By Dr Andrew Poullis, consultant gastroenterologist

Update on the new oral anticoagulants

By Dr Sam Zebari, haematology consultant

An update on cardiology
By Roland Wensel, consultant cardiologist

Eating Disorders:  Risk assessment and management

By Dr Adrienne Key, consultant psychiatrist and eating disorder specialist

Pulmonary Fibrosis
By Dr John Chinegwundoh, consultant respiratory physician 

By Geraldine Miskin, breastfeeding specialist

Speech and language therapy and bilingualism

By Christiane Maitland, speech therapist

Skin lesions

By William Townley, consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon

How medical practitioners can spot oral health issues that impact a child's quality of life
By Toothbeary, my child's dentist

Food allergy vs. food intolerance
About the diversity and complexity of our reactions to food

By Dr Robert Arlt, consultant paediatrician at Elsbeth's Doctors

Wound dressing

By Ros Canty-Collins

Intestinal Flora and its impact on health:
By Dr Nara Nairi, specialist in micronutrition

Common Eye Problems in Primary Care
By Mr Alex J Shortt, consultant ophthalmologist

The purpose of psychotherapy?
By Christine Oliver, consultant psychotherapist

Advances in Minimally Invasive General and Colorectal Surgery
By Mr Michael E. D. Jarrett

Pigmentation in ethnic skin
By Dr Archana Rao, consultant dermatologist

Pregnancy Care update
By Dr Ge Eko Zhang, consultant obstetrician

The red eye (Emergencies in Ophthalmology)
By Ulrich Meyer-Bothling, consultant ophthalmic surgeon

Psychological Approaches to Weight Management
By Dr Jen Nash, clinical psychologist

By Dr Kate Webb, Consultant Psychiatrist

By Judy More, Dietitian and Registered Nutritionist

The crying baby
By Dr Sebastian Renz, Private GP

Thyroid Nodules and Parathyroid Disorders: An emerging epidemic?
By Mr Enyi Ofo, Consultant ENT Head & Neck, Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgeon


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