Richmond Practice - Early pregnancy package

Early pregnancy package
Regrettably, this service is currently not available.

Early pregnancy services are only available for low-risk pregnancies to 20 weeks gestation.

Service Gestation Content
Introduction First app. Introduction to the package
Dating scan 6-8 wks Early pregnancy scan (location and dates of pregnancy) and consultation
Booking appointment 8-10 wks Consultation with booking blood tests
Down’s risk screen with Harmony test 10 wks onwards Downs' risk screen and consultation
Scan and consultation 16 wks Routine scan and consultation
Anomaly scan 18-20 wks Ultrasound and consultation
Additional: Emergency scans and consultations as required To 20 wks Emergency apointments and/or to treat nausea and vomiting or other problems in early pregnancy
Telephone support  To 20 wks Telephone support, within our opening hours as required
Extras   Free Bounty Pack, ante-natal notes, USB stick, magazines and photo frame. You will also be given a free peep of your baby in 3D with scans where possible.
Summary   6 consulations and 5 ultrasound scans with a Consultant Obstetrician, all routine antenatal blood tests, unlimited additional emergency scans, consultations and telephone support.
Bounty pack, maternity notes, USB stick to store ultrasound pictures and magazines.

Cost: Early pregnancy (6-8 wks - 20 wks): £ 2300

Insurance: Packages are only available for patients without medical insurance covering their pregnancy care. 

Couples are discharged from our care to a midwife or a private consultant obstetrician at 20 weeks gestation.

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