Richmond Practice - Interview with Dr Ursula Radloff MD, Private GP

Interview with Dr Ursula Radloff MD, Private GP

Published in Ham & Petersham magazine, May 2015

1. Tell us a bit more about yourself and how you came to work at Richmond Practice
I worked for almost eight years for the British Army Forces in Germany. I saw soldiers and their families and also assisted with the health care needs of British expatriate families in Germany. I know both the German health system and the NHS very well and was attracted to +richmond practice by the international dimension of the work they do.
2. How does the work you do in England as a private GP differ from the work you did in Germany?

In Germany practices are mainly single handed - so doctors mostly work on their own.
I find it very useful to be part of a group practice. The GPs, paediatricians and gynaecologists at +richmond practice discuss their work with each other and it is helpful to get input from other specialists.
3. How did you become interested in nutrition and weight loss?

I have been involved in weight management for 20 years. In my practice in Germany I saw many patients with thyroid problems and this impacts on one’s ability to loose weight. I also noticed that many conditions (e.g. cardiovascular, muscular skeletal and even mental health issues) were linked to weight problems. This interested me and hence my involvement.
4. What are the three most important things one should do to maintain a healthy weight?

It is important to understand the role one’s metabolism plays and to assess this. You then need to control your diet accordingly. In the last instance one must find a balance between calorie intake and exercise.


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