Richmond Practice - Pregnancy care and baby scans

Pregnancy care and baby scans


We regret that we are currently only able to provide pregnancy scans and no other pregnancy care. We are currently unable to provide antental consultations.

Our private pregnancy care and baby scan services offer access to a multi-disciplinary team of specialists and maternity care, tailored to your needs. Many mothers have told us how important it is to have continuity of care from consultants and midwives that they have confidence in. They want to be assisted in a comfortable and caring environment, where they are being given the time and support to make the most of this unique experience.

You can access our programme at any stage of the first and second trimester of your pregnancy, or you may wish to continue arranging appointments with our Gynaecologist/Obstetrician for additional services to your NHS care. The practice attends to low risk pregnancies.

Service Content
Free 20 minute complimentary introductory conversation with your first scan or consultation
Integrated pregnancy package Includes a dating and gender scan (if you wish to know), routine checks and onsite ultrasound to assess the well-being, growth and positioning of your baby. All blood tests; a number of emergency visits/referrals and telephone advice calls are included. You will also find help with problems such as early bleeding and nausea/hyperemisis. Due to indemnity insurance restrictions consultant obstetricians can only provide pregnancy care until 20 weeks gestation and to low-risk pregnancies.
 Harmony test
The revolutionary Harmony test from 10 weeks screens for Downs' risk and two other chromosomal abnormalities. A scan is included.
Obstetric ultrasound
First/dating scans, nuchal scans for Down's syndrome, anomaly scans, gender scans, growth and positioning scans, other scans for reassurance, fetal echocardiography and Doppler ultrasound.
Acupuncture Acupuncture can be effective in treating hyperemesis, oedema and bowel problems in pregnancy and in preparation for childbirth. Routine visits to support the development of the fetus are recommended between 10 - 14 weeks and from 22 - 26 weeks.
Bounty packs, maternity notes, a USB stick to save scans on and magazines. You will also be given a photo frame and free 3D peep at your baby when you attend for a scan.
 Other info  
 Insurances:  -Most international insurances including BUPA International and Cigna.
- Others: BUPA (UK), Standard Life, Aviva (Norwich Union) and Prudential.
 More info:
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