Richmond Practice - Pubic lice

Pubic lice
Pubic Lice, also known as 'Crabs' can very easily be contracted from an infected person. This STD is curable. Visit your doctor or STD clinic if you suspect you have contracted Pubic Lice.

Symptoms (Men and women)
Itching in and around the genital area, black droppings on one's underwear, blue specks or small specks of blood in the genital area, thighs or abdomen, and the presence of tiny white eggs in pubic hair are all possible signs of Pubic Lice.

All types of sexual activity can put one at risk of contracting Pubic Lice; however, close contact with someone infected by this ailment can also put one at risk, even if intercourse is avoided.

A visual examination is sufficient in detecting Pubic Lice.

Topical medication (creams, shampoos, etc) successfully treats Pubic Lice.