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Sun protection for children
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An infant’s skin and eyes require sun protection as they lack the ability to self-protect. Children under the age of ten are also vulnerable to UV-radiation and consequently skin damage. Parents concerned about how to protect their children against the risk of developing skin cancer and cataracts in later life can find more information here below.

What you can do to protect your child:
  • Try avoiding exposure to the sun between 12:00 and 15:00
  • Apply waterproof sun screen protection factor 20 and above
  • Remember to apply sun screen on ears, face, feet and neck
  • Do not use creams/sprays which contain alcohol or perfume which dries the skin
  • Dress your child with breathable and UV-impermeable clothing/sunglasses.
  • Stay in the shade where possible
  • Also take care when the sky is clouded – exposure of UV radiation is still 80%
You should consult a doctor:
  • If pigment moles start developing on your child’s skin – these are known as risk factors for the development of skin cancer
  • If your child shows symptoms of a sunstroke such as vomiting and a temperature
  • If your child’s skin is very red and looks severely burnt
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