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Private ultrasound scans

Regrettably, ultrasound scans are currently not available

Elsbeth's Doctors Consultants are trained specialists in ultrasound. They are able to perform ultrasound scans as part of a consultation and explain the results.

Patients are referred by their GP for radiology appointments (ultrasound request form) and/or may self-refer if they require an ultrasound scan. The referring doctor will receive a comprehensive report of the scan.

We offer the following ultrasound scans:
- During pregnancy, baby scans to check baby's health, position and due date
- When there is bleeding in pregnancy
- To detect that the womb is clear after a miscarriage
- To detect an ectopic pregnancy that places the mother’s life at risk.

Baby scans to 20 week gestation is only done in low-risk pregnancies.
- To diagnose ovarian cysts and fibroids in the womb
- Coil fitting
- To assess the breasts for cysts.
- Ultrasound is especially useful for acute abdominal pain in children
- Appendicitis - young children rarely have typical symptoms
- Interssuception (tangled intestines)
- Acute kidney disease
- Some joint problems
- Hip screening
- To investigate abdominal pain/problems: perhaps caused by gallstones; abnormalities of the liver and pancreas; kidney stones and kidney infections
- To detect a suspected thrombosis: perhaps a blood clot in the deep veins of the leg
- To investigate worrying lumps: perhaps of the neck or thyroid; other swollen lymph glands; testicular lumps; abdominal masses/tumours.

Properly performed, ultrasound scanning poses no known risks to the patient and does not use radiation. It has become one of the most widely used diagnostic tools in modern medicine. We use our ultrasound scanner on the same day as your appointment to investigate medical conditions and to respond to urgent concerns. We also integrate it into our health checks.

Please call for more information or to arrange an appointment.

Insurance: BUPA International and BUPA (UK), Cigna and most German and French international insurances. Aviva, Standard Life and Pru-health also cover our fees.


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