Richmond Practice - Why do I need a postnatal check 6 weeks after giving birth?

Why do I need a postnatal check 6 weeks after giving birth?

You should have a six week check after your delivery to ensure that you are feeling well and that you are recovering properly. The checks are available at most NHS surgeries and can also be scheduled privately.

A well-balanced diet with 1800 calories daily (adding 500 calories if you are breastfeeding) will help ensure you get the nutrients you need, while allowing you to lose weight safely. A gradual return to regular physical activity will keep your bones strong and improve your mood. Before resuming sexual activity, you should consult with your doctor about the best contraceptive option available to you. Please remember you could get pregnant as early as 20 days after delivery. You will be fertile even before your periods reappear and even while you are breastfeeding!

Tell your doctor if you are:
  • bleeding after 40 days from delivery or in pain
  • have an unusual discharge
  • have piles (hemorrhoids)
  • concerned about healing below the birth canal
  • worried about a tear or stitches after a caesarean section, for example
  • if sexual intercourse is painful
  • having trouble holding urine or wind back
  • suffer with a low mood
  • struggling to loose weight
  • have problems with a breast infection or mastitis
  • was due a smear test while you were pregnant
  • struggled with high blood pressure during your pregnancy
A private six-week postnatal check at Elsbeth's Doctors is done by a female consultant gynaecologist in friendly and comfortable setting. At an affordable £250, you will be able to discuss any questions arising from the delivery, your recovery and to debrief. A range of tests can be performed and results are produced either immediately (on-site ultrasound scan) or within 1-3 days (blood tests). There is also a paediatrician available to do a baby check at the same time, if needed.

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