Richmond Practice - Beth's Doctors first medical intern gets in to med school

Beth's Doctors first medical intern gets in to med school

Beth's Doctors, a private doctors service started an access to medicine internship for biomedical sciences graduates in 2014. The aim is to help outstanding graduates get a place in medical school after working with the practice for a year or two. We are delighted to announce that Ben Ellwood, the practice’s very first intern, was successful at getting a place to the graduate entrance Medicine course at the University of Birmingham.  Dr Sebastian Renz, director at Beth's Doctors said that Ben made an invaluable contribution to the practice in the last year.

Here is an interview with Ben about his experience.

What does the Beth's Doctors internship for Biomedical Science graduates entail and what did you learn from it?

As a graduate of Biomedical Science from the University of Surrey, the next stage of my career, in order to fulfil my ambition to become a doctor, was to gain clinical experience. After being given the opportunity to become an intern at Beth's Doctors, I was able to gain not only majorly vital experience that is needed on a medicine application, but skills that can really make you stand out from other medical applicants.

The internship allowed me to work very closely with doctors who specialise in 5 major fields of medicine, in a position where I gained a great deal of responsibility for the practice. This responsibility meant that I had in depth exposure to the life of a doctor, and was able to become part of the clinical team. The main clinical skills I have gained during my time at Beth's Doctors are certification in phlebotomy and competency with conducting ECG, spirometry, audiometry and vision tests, which enabled me to see patients for health assessments. It was being able to perform these tests with patients, that was one of the most valuable experiences at the practice, as it allowed me to build patient skills that are essential for life as a doctor.

In addition to my work at the practice itself, Beth's Doctors supported me during my application by helping me with the three most important parts to any medical application. They funded my entrance courses and exams for the universities I applied to, gave me committed support for editing my personal statement, and gave me thorough preparation for my interview, by setting up a mock interview.

Why did you select medicine as a career path?

Medicine is a profession that requires careful consideration, as it is a course with demanding and intense study that results in a career with major responsibilities. For me, my interest and enjoyment throughout Biomedical Science, was the major reason that made me dedicated towards a career in medicine. 

How did you get selected to get on to the programme?

An application for Medicine was not an easy task and involved many stages and deadlines. In my opinion, there are three major parts to an application that need to be at their optimum in order to gain a place on a medical course. These include your UCAS application (which can be further split into education, employment/volunteering and personal statement), entrance examinations (the UKCAT, BMAT and GAMSAT), as well as the interview. At Beth's Doctors, there were skills I had gained and support I had been given, that made these three sections as good as they could be.

What will you do when finish your medical studies?

My current desire is towards a career in General Practice; however I have always had an interest in Cardiology and so I will see if this interest continues to develop.

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