Richmond Practice - +richmond practice patient feedback report 2017

+richmond practice patient feedback report 2017
purpose of the report

Here at +richmond practice, our core principles are: friendly, professional, available. To find out how true we are to our promise, we decided to gather patient feedback available here ( We asked our patients to rate us over each stage of their visit, from appointment booking, to waiting times, receiving results and more. The gathering of feedback was conducted over a period of seven months with 62 replies analysed. At the end of every day every patient is sent an email in which we ask for feedback. Patients are given the opportunity to review the practice anonymously. The feedback is used to motivate our staff and to receive timely attend in a timely manner to problems. 


This feedback report was compiled by Yusof Ali an independent contractor, over the months of October 2016 to April 2017. Patients were provided feedback submission forms to share their views of our services, ranking each experience from excellent to very poor. Patients were also able to provide a quality ranking of overall service from 1-10, with 10 being excellent; as well as their thoughts as to what we did well and what we could improve on. The feedback forms were collated and the results have been presented in the evaluation attached. Waiting times were seen as the biggest issue here with only 72% of patients rating it excellent, this is an area of action for us.


•    The overall response by our patients has been fantastic with all of the criteria rated above 90% excellent or good with the assessments, treatment and information given by doctors being rated excellent by 85% or more of patients. This shows the great service our doctors are providing to our patients and with 84% of people very likely to recommend us to family or friends. A disappointment however is that waiting times and information given at the front desk was only rated 72% and 77% excellent respectively. We did receive a 9.35 out of 10 rating by our patients as well. Here are a few of the positive comments we received: “Everything was excellent. Dr. Renz was very attentive, calm, knowledgeable and helpful as always.”, “Great customer service, professional approach, very well organised and caring” and “Just about everything. When I phoned to book the appointment, the phone rang and rang, but I just put it on speaker and let it go until someone picked up. When they did, booking the appt was seamless. Life is short and certainly worth the £80 that I spent to see one of your wonderful doctors.”

•    The overall response from the patients seems to be that the doctors we have at the practice are fantastic as they offer great assessments, treatments and information to the patients while keeping them at ease. We were also acknowledged for our logistical skills with arranging appointments and taking payments and receiving test results rated highly by the patients. We welcome feedback and use it constructively to improve the service as shown in our response to the relatively low ratings for waiting times and information given by the front desk. As these were rated lower than our other criteria we have implemented actions to improve them such as informing patients of a delayed clinic as soon as they arrive, and better managing the doctor’s appointment times. In addition to this greater information and training is given to everyone working at the front desk to improve the information they are able to give to patients.

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