Richmond Practice - Beth's Doctors patient feedback report 2018

Beth's Doctors patient feedback report 2018
April 2017 - February 2018

Here at Beth's Doctors we strive to make clinical excellence available to patients hassle-free. To comply with statutory requirements and to learn from feedback we ask patient to tell us about their experience of the practice, after every consultation, both online ( and in person by completing a feedback form in reception. We asked our patients to rate us over each stage of their visit, from appointment booking, to waiting times, overall treatment and more. This report is based on feedback from patients from 3 April 2017 to 20 February 2018. There were 99 replies considered.


Patients submitted feedback forms to share their views of our services, ranking each experience from excellent to very poor and they also provide a quality rating of overall service from 1-10, with 10 being excellent. As well as this, patients could voice their thoughts as to what we did well and what we could improve on. The feedback forms were collated and the results have been presented in an easily understandable format. Of all criteria, 'time spent waiting', the 'payment process' and ‘waiting for results’ performed lease well with 10% of patients rating them as average or below. The doctors' assessment and treatment were the most highly rated.
•    The overall response by our patients has been overwhelmingly positive. Every single stage of the doctor's visit process was rated (booking appointments, information given, getting results etc.) were seen as 'excellent' or 'good' by over 90% of the patients - the average was 92%.

•    The assessment, treatment, information given by doctors and receiving results were consistently rated 'excellent' by our patients. This shows the great service our doctors are providing, with many doctors receiving consistently positive comments from their patients.

•    The main positive feedback that doctors received was how knowledgeable, caring, thorough and unrushed they were, and that the advice they provided was balanced and easily understood:

o    "I finally got a diagnosis for a condition that has been bothering me... the doctor took time to listen, was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions."

o    "The doctor was wonderful with our children and took great care over her examination and explanation...very helpful"

o    "Treatment is excellent, receptionist kind, environment clean and comfortable, punctuality very good."

•    Some of the negative feedback that doctors received was that patients had to wait and the practice actively responded by managing waiting times and by improving the payment taking process, this was done by cutting down on red tape. It was important from the perspective of patients to receive their results on time and the practice therefore engaged The Doctors Laboratory to resolve a glitch which existed with discharging some results in a a timely fashion.

•    96% of patients believed that the process of arranging appointments was either excellent or good. Many comments were received that praised our appointment availability, the quick booking process and the fact that we provided services not available on the NHS: "Appointments were available quickly", "Great provision of services that are hard and tedious to get on the NHS".

•    Staff working in reception were often described as "kind", "friendly" and "courteous" (August, November 2017, February 2018). Mid-year and as a result of the feedback given reception staff were given more training and had to complete the practice exam. This improved the scores linked to the information provided in reception greatly.

•    Overall, we received a 8.89 out of 10 rating by our patients. And 90% of patients were very likely or likely to return to us for appointments.

The ranking of patients scores, starting with the highest performing aspects of the service, to the areas where patient were less impressed were:
1)    Assessment
2)    Treatment
3)    Information given (doctors)
4)    Arranging appointments
5)    Payment process
6)    Time spent waiting
7)    Information given (reception)
8)    Giving your results

Specific comments

Here are some examples of the comments made by patients:

Dr Rosa Avino:         “Helped me focus on the positives”
Dr Nora Rahman:     “Courteous, efficient, professional and caring”
Dr Sebastian Renz:     “Excellent, clear explanations, not rushed, no stress”

Google reviews:

Overall on Google, Beth's Doctors is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars for the period.
•    "The staff are very efficient and kind. The doctors are excellent."
•    "An appointment and test results within a two week period (compared to 7 month wait on the NHS). Very friendly staff. Highly recommended."
•    "Always accommodate our appointment. Very responsive per phone, email"
Largely, the response from patients seems to be that the doctors offer good quality assessments, treatments and information to the patients while keeping them comfortable and providing well-rounded advice. We were also recognised for our smooth, logistical process when arranging appointments, which was highly rated by the patients. We welcome feedback and believe it is constructive to help improve our service and care towards patients.

Rima Kumar and Johanna Renz
August 2018/October 2018



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