Richmond Practice - Elsbeth's Doctors LLP patient feedback report 2019

Elsbeth's Doctors LLP patient feedback report 2019

Purpose of the report and methodology
Here at Elsbeth's Doctors LLP, we aim to provide "Clinical excellence hassle free". To find out how true we are to our promise, we decided to gather patient feedback from both current patients as well as from our GP package members.

We asked our patients to rate us over each stage of their visit: all the way from the appointment booking through to the payment process (and the ease of access to results, where necessary). The gathering of feedback was conducted over a 30 day period from early August through to early September, incorporating 33 feedback forms.

At the end of each appointment, patients were asked to fill out a patient feedback form. Some feedback forms were filled out over the phone at times which suited the patient. Patients were also given the opportunity to review the practice anonymously on the night following their appointments via a link provided in an email sent to every patient after their appointment.  
This feedback report was compiled by Baris Sahin and Aria Shirazi. Patients were provided with feedback submission forms to share their views of our services, ranking each experience from very poor to excellent. Patients were also able to provide a quality ranking of overall service from 1-10, with 10 being excellent; as well as their thoughts as to what we did well and what we could improve on.

The feedback forms were collated and the results have been presented in the evaluation attached. Waiting times were seen as the biggest issue with 3% rating us as poor, 54% of patients rating it excellent, 24% rating us good, 19 % rating average. This is an area of action for us.

• The overall response by our patients for doctors has been overwhelmingly positive, with 94% of patients rating our doctors, either good and excellent for assessment,  treatment and information given by doctors - the highlight from which being the information provided by the doctors, which were judged to be either good or excellent by 97% of patients. A further 88% of respondents were very likely to recommend us to family or friends.
• However, patients consistently reminded the researchers that they require an increase in doctors and of the importance of restoring the practice's ability to offer gynaecological services.
• We welcome feedback and use it constructively to improve the service as shown in our response to the relatively low ratings for waiting times and information given by the front desk. As these were rated lower than other areas, we have implemented actions to improve them such as informing patients of a delayed clinic as soon as they arrive, and better managing the doctor’s appointment times. In addition to this greater information and training is given to everyone working at the front desk to improve the information they are able to give to patients.

About Dr. Renz:
•“Good time scheduling and was very thorough".

•"The best GP appointment I have ever had. At a time feeling very vulnerable I felt the doctor was compassionate, paid attention to detail, treated me very humanly and put me at ease. Thank you."

•“Made me feel welcome. Doctor always spends time explaining in a relaxed manner”.

•“Always available, friendly”.

About Dr. Peeva:
•“Dr Peeva consistently provides an excellent service. She is extremely professional and informative”.

•“Available and very friendly doctor”.

Action points:
The following two action points were decided on:
1) Undertake further waiting times training with doctors and support staff
2) Consider how we might find the needed gynaecologists to assist the practice