Richmond Practice - Beth's Doctors presented German School tenth-grader:

Beth's Doctors presented German School tenth-grader:

Clara Deniers with a Biology Award

Published in Ham and Petersham magazine, February 2016

Private GP and director at Beth's Doctors: Dr Sebastian Renz presented the Beth's Doctors Biology Award to Clara Deniers, a student at the German School London. The tenth-grader submitted a controversial essay entitled: Three-parent-baby.

In her work she addresses the following questions:
1. What is a three-parent-baby?
2. Why do parents decide to have a three-parent-baby?
3. What are the ethical aspects of three-parent-babies?

In February 2015 the House of Lords legalised the procedure in which healthy DNA from a second woman is used to replace the mother's DNA. Couples might consider this procedure when the mother suffers from a mitochondrial disease that causes numerous miscarriages potentially leading to a baby with serious health issues being born. Successful treatment increases the likelihood of conceiving and carrying a healthy child that is still genetically related to the parents.

Clara, in concluding her essay agreed that three-parent-babies bring hope to parents who have very little chance of conceiving their own child naturally. Her view was however that there might be insufficient evidence to back the procedure at this point. She is also of the view that the availability of “designer babies” could cause certain levels of discrimination for "conventionally" born children. This is if babies, for example, will be "designed" to be better looking, more skill-full and talented than children from two parent families. Clara therefore emphasized the importance of more research in to how this development might impact future generations.
The Biology Award is a project for secondary biology classes (9-11) and the award is given by Beth's Doctors. The practice's aim is to support a better understanding of human biology and in particular to encourage talented students to consider a career in medicine.

For graduates the practice has been offering an internship since 2014. It provides the participants with enough experience and preparation to apply for a place in medical school after working in a medical environment such as the practice. Ben Ellwood, the practice’s very first intern, was successful at getting a placement to the graduate entrance Medicine course at the University of Birmingham.

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